Xi'an LIB environmental simulation industry is a manufacture and exporter of climatic test chambers in China, and we have over 8 years experience, overseas market in test chambers are more than 25 countries. Our main products are including: temperature humidity test chambers, salt spray test chambers, IP dust test chambers, water (rain) ingress chambers, accelerated weathering chambers, ozone test chamber, walk in chambers... Our main products have been certified by CE, CSA and RoHS compliance. We provide various climatic chambers and service to accredited laboratories, manufacturing industry, institute, university, companies and other partners. And we get testimonials from many of our esteemed companies. To provide better service for customers, we have assembled a team of experienced and motivated people to provide products and service as an extensive range of standard and custom test chambers,services & maintenance & calibration for all kinds of environmental chambers and provide test solutions.

Add: No.5 Zhangba First St, Xian High-Tech Area,
Shaanxi ProvinceP.R. China  710065
Tel:  +86 (0)29 68918976
Fax: +86 (0)29 68918977
Mail: info@lib-industry.com
Skype: serena_lib

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